Privacy policy

Brightcom Solutions AB collects email addresses through forms on our website and through social media ads.

Here’s how we use your information:

To inform you when we publish new articles on

To possibly point advertising to you on other websites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.

To track your website activity on and use the information to send you customized emails.

It is important for us that you understand how the information is used and how to proceed if you no longer want to remain in our systems and receive our e-mails.

This is how we process your data:

The information is treated confidentially and is not disclosed to third parties other than where necessary – for example, to be able to send you emails via a third-party tool.

The email address may also be used to target customized ads to you through social media and other websites. This may mean that your e-mail address is shared with data processors such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, so that you can see relevant ads from Brightcom Solutions AB on these platforms.

When you submit your information to us, these can also be used, together with cookies on your computer, to track your website activity on This means that your information that you provide is shared with our third-party provider that provides this type of service.


You can choose to unsubscribe from our mailings at any time by clicking on ”Subscribe” at the bottom of the e-mails. You can also contact us to have your information removed from our systems.

Get rid of so-called retargeting advertising

By accepting our privacy policy, we may promote related content to you when you visit other websites.

If you want to be removed from this on Facebook, do the following:

When you see an ad from us – click on the cross or the arrow in the upper right corner next to the ad. Select ”Why am I seeing this?”

There you can choose to stop receiving more ads from us.

About cookies on our website

This website uses cookies to, for example, keep statistics about how our website visitors use our website.

The information is analyzed to improve the website but is never linked to an individual’s use and you remain anonymous in the statistics tool.

The tool used is called Google Analytics and is activated when you visit the website.

The use of cookies also allows us to see which companies that have visited our website, and this are used for marketing and sales purposes.

Do you have questions about our privacy policy? Welcome to Contact us.