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Topp 10 listan över myter, att ERP system som molntjänst inte är bra, avslöjade och krossade!

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The adoption of cloud computing is increasing – more than 50 percent of U.S. companies have elected to take advantage of one or more cloud-based solutions or services. It is a compelling and appealing way to acquire IT capabilities while reducing costs. For core financial processes such as accounting and budgeting, the cloud offers new and innovative ways of working that are more economical and operationally practical than the traditional on-premise deployment of these software applications.

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Vad varje beställare bör tänka på gällande affärssystem i molnet

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This white paper is intended to guide you, the CFO, to ask educated questions as you consider moving your ERP solution to the cloud.

At the core of evaluating cloud solutions for your organization are the business drivers that determine the profitability of the business. Your ERP system is the foundation for operations and monitors the status and progress of those business drivers. While cost is clearly a primary driver, risk mitigation, compliance, operational efficiencies, or scalability may be higher priorities for your organization. As CFO you have more insight into the balance of all those business drivers than anyone in the organization.

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